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Jacob Comrov

(312) 641-7114
Jacob D. Comrov has been a practicing attorney in the State of Illinois since 2017. He became associated with Crane, Simon, Clar & Goodman in October, 2020. His practice is concentrated in the field of bankruptcy, representing various parties inc… Read More
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John H. Redfield

(312) 641-7114
John H. Redfield has been practicing law in the State of Illinois since 1976. Mr. Redfield is a certified public accountant and holds a Masters Degree in taxation from the DePaul University College of Law. Since 1976, he has concentrated in bankruptc… Read More
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Eugene Crane

(312) 641-7114
Eugene Crane has been practicing law since 1954. Mr. Crane has represented debtors and creditors in reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings in and out of court. His experience in developing plans of reorganization, litigating claims, cash collatera… Read More
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